The growth of the solar industry has been somewhat of a roller coaster ride, hence the nickname, Solar Coaster. However, all that appears to have changed. Today's solar industry is growing at a rapid clip, and more than 16 gigawatts (GW) will be installed in 2016. Solar has stabilized considerably, it is now inexpensive enough for almost all homeowners to afford, and solar contractors will be extremely busy going forward. Getting organized and automated is the best thing you can do to project professionalism, gain market share and grow your revenue. And, we can help!

Suntrific has spent several years in the trenches with solar contractors to create a CRM system that works to handle all the specific pain points that exist within the industry. The result is an efficient project management tool that will make your job easier, no matter which area of the solar business you handle. Suntrific, our targeted solar contractor CRM follows your workflows and integrates with other technological tools to increase efficiency without duplicating efforts and wasting time.

Your pain points, our solutions!


Here is an overview of what Suntrific can do to address pain points that we've found common in the solar industry:

Timely response to leads


With automatic notifications sent to sales professionals whenever a new lead arrives within the system, they can quickly communicate with the potential buyer and get a jump on other companies that are still doing things in old-fashioned and inefficient ways.

Additionally, the system will track response times, set up reminders for follow-up calls and allow your people to add notes. You can see at a glance how many times the prospect was called, and any other touches to those same prospects, like letters or emails.

Appointment scheduling

The Suntrific system makes it simple to schedule an appointment at the click of a button and keep track of all your appointments easily. You can sort and filter all of your prospects and appointments by date so that you can prepare for your visits and schedule your workflow.

The beauty of the Suntrific CRM system is that all of the information about the prospect is there, in one spot, for you to review and utilize to create a quote, easily contact them, find directions to their home and be on top of your game!

Tracking documents and utility info

Forget hunting for proposals and contracts in a file cabinet or desk drawer. Forget digging through your inbox for an email you sent or received. With Suntrific that is all a thing of the past. All of these things can be uploaded to the system and kept with the specific prospect file so that they are readily accessible to everyone on the team that might need them.

Even better, all of these documents and information in the Suntrific system are easily available to your team via mobile application out in the field as well.

Generating proposals

Generating proposals have never been easier. With Suntrific's CRM there is no redundant data entry, you can generate a proposal directly from the CRM. Easily customize product offerings, default pricing, and model any loan offering. You can present the proposal live in a dynamic presentation or save a PDF. You can easily review multiple proposals options, select the best option for your customer and submit the deal for management review.




With Suntrific's CRM you no longer need to email customer documents in, simply upload all docs to the accepted proposal record, submit for management approval and you are done…no more hunting down that utility bill your sales rep promised to email 5 days ago!


Job tracking

The ability to track your jobs seamlessly in the same platform as marketing and sales efforts means less work re-inputting data and other information. Don't waste your time doing data entry repetitively when you can use Suntrific CRM to track all the details of your jobs in one place.


Suntrific's job tracking module has useful workflow planning tools to help you track project milestones, time and labor for operations, even supplies and materials needed, so that your jobs run smoothly and finished quickly.

Date, security, and territory management

ach user of the Suntrific system is assigned a profile and user role that serves to protect your company's data and system settings. You customize permissions based on each team member's need for information, while allowing solar contractors and any independent sales or marketing reps access to needed data without compromising security.



Report and dashboards


Suntrific's custom reports give you the details you need to see what is really going on with your sales and operations. The reports offer different configurations, depending on which detailed insights you need.

Dashboards on Suntrific let you see and track Key Performance Indicators (KPI) at a glance, They also let you track trends in your business and identify any issues before they cause real problems.

Also, providing team-members with statistics on everyone's results is a great way to motivate them to keep up with each other and increase efficiency overall.

Easily manage sales reps

The Suntrific sales rep module is designed for you to add as many sales representatives as you need without buying separate licenses for each one. This is especially helpful for those businesses that might take advantage of sporadic deals brought in by 1099 contractors or referral business.

Increasing revenue and growing your business is likely one of your key goals. There is no better way to do that than to automate your systems with Suntrific. It will increase employee productivity, eliminate redundant data entry, make your job sites run more smoothly, raise your revenues and give you a reputation for professionalism. In this era of booming solar growth, your business needs to be lean and efficient to capitalize on all the opportunities available to you.

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